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I’m going to read like 20 books next week on vacation.

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Lifetime of Reading Slows Cognitive Decline


The more time you spend on cerebral activities, the better prepared your brain is to withstand the ravages of age.

That’s the takeaway from research just published in the journal Neurology that confirms—and helps explain why—people who habitually read, write, and otherwise process information are less likely to experience mental declines late in life.

The study suggests that while a mentally active lifestyle may not prevent formation of the plaques and tangles associated with Alzheimer’s disease, it makes it less likely their presence will impair one’s mental functioning.

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According to a new report on the state of US education from the Council on Foreign Relations, Americans going into the labor force today are less educated than those retiring from it. This phenomenon is unique among developed countries. For 55- to 64-year-olds, the US has the highest percentage of high-school graduates and the third-highest percentage of college graduates; in people aged 25 to 34, the country is 10th and 13th respectively.
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New York Harbor - art by Charley Harper

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Check out the video of The National’s Tiny Desk Concert on Friday. 

(Photo: Hayley Bartels/NPR)


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With the psychologists Simon Laham and Peter Koval, I found that people prefer politicians with simpler names—and lawyers in American firms with fluent names rise up the legal hierarchy to partnership more quickly than their non-fluently named colleagues. (The result persisted even when we focussed on Anglo-American names, so it doesn’t simply boil down to xenophobic prejudice.)
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Assume for a moment that some of these measures really have helped make our persons and property safer—are they worth it? Where and when was the public debate on whether they’re worth it? Was there no such debate because we’re not capable of having or demanding one? Why not? Have we actually become so selfish and scared that we don’t even want to consider whether some things trump safety? What kind of future does that augur?
David Foster Wallace, published in the Atlantic November 2007 (via sarahspy)
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Don’t let it get you down.

Going through a really trying time right now. On the verge of a lot, working hard, things getting in the way. But it’ll get there. Don’t let it get you down.

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Adventures in the Pacific Northwest - depicting one of literature’s finest young adventurers, now having traveled to the beautiful, exotic north-west coast of North America.

Made for the exclusive VIP VanCAF artbook! Thank you to all the good people who came by the festival last weekend to say Hi! Excellent times were had by all.


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sea of love // the national

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This is a generation of kids that grew up with data science around them — Netflix telling them what movies they should watch, Amazon telling them what books they should read — so this is an academic interest with real-world applications,” said Chris Wiggins, a professor of applied mathematics at Columbia who is involved in its new Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering. “And,” he added, “they know it will make them employable.
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1937, Poster for the French Alpine Club, Samivel

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Maurice de Vlaminck (French, 1876-1958), Orage dans la forêt [Storm in the forest]. Oil on canvas, 60.3 x 73 cm.

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Harvest Moon ~ Annie Clark and Justin Vernon recorded live

It’s a raw, gloomy, and rainy Sunday in Northern California. Listening to this old cover by Annie and Justin has helped to brighten my day, immensely.

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A series of illustrations I made a few months back… “Midcentury Dogs”.